Friday, August 27, 2010

Dengue? Not!

Bella just recovered from fever, cough and colds. She was sick last Wednesday, 18th August. Then we went for a check up last Saturday, 21st August. This time, she was sick only for 3 days when I decided to take her Pedia for check up. Unlike the last time she got sick, I waited for 5 days to take her to the hospital which worsen her condition. She was given an anti-biotic due to her severe cough and colds and tempra to relieve her on and off fever.

Bella doesn't want drinking anti-biotic and when she knows that it's time for drinking her medicine, she hides herself like this.

We were asked to return Monday, 16th August for follow-up. However, when we went back, her pedia was on sick leave during this time so we were referred to another Pedia. Bella was recovering already from her cough and colds but the fever was still on and off, that is why the Doctor  suggested CBC just to be sure.

They extracted blood from her and her cry was really heartbreaking.  During her first check up, her Pedia already told us that it was not Dengue so I was only a little worried on the result. But just to put my mind to ease, we went through with it. My sister-in-law works in St. Luke's so we just requested her to get the result for us since it will only be available after 2 hours. We followed up the result from her, but we just waited because we understand that she was still working. My sister informed us that she went 3 times to check the result but it was not release until late evening because they were already suspecting Dengue since the platelet count was down to 38000.

Around 11PM, my sister-in-law who was still at the hospital called and wanted us to check for rashes. She also asked for the advice of a pathologist and said to have the CBC repeated. Bella's pedia also called us to go to St. Luke's immediately for the blood test as she doesn't want to wait further for the result.

I have my moments of weakness and this is one of them. I asked my mom to accompany and hold Bella for 2nd blood extraction, because I coudn't bear hearing her cry again. Right after the procedure, I carried my daughter and pacify her. We waited for 2 hours to get the result as we will be admitted if ever they confirmed Dengue on my Bella.

When we got the result, the platelet count was on normal range. I don't know what went wrong, especially for a hospital like St. Luke's. I was disappointed with what happened. It was not easy for a 14th month baby to have experience blood extraction not only once but twice on the same day. I wanted to get  the copy of the first result but I was told they don't release those anymore since another result was given already.

Nevertheless, I am just thankful that Bella is now ok and hope she won't go through a very traumatic experience like that again.


ivymarasigan said...

awwww... thank God Bella is OK now. I know the feeling, can't bear seeing my baby cry when she's hurt.

A-Life said...

Thanks Sis.